• An Honest Effort from Dia

    For a young artist Dia Frampton already has years of experience in the music business. From the days of writing music and booking tours on MySpace at age seventeen, to being a finalist on The Voice, to touring around the word she has really grown in wisdom and experience. Her new music expresses this new […]

  • Brick + Mortar’s Performance is Rock Solid

                    Brick + Mortar is a unique new band that is beginning to get radio play, and they are on their second tour. With only two members, Brandon Asraf on guitars and John Tacon on drums, they manage to pull off a larger, dynamic sound that is both fun and a little trippy. Their lyrics, […]

  • Colorado Ice, Great Entertainment

    Its football time again. But wait, you may be thinking, football is over for the season. The Indoor Football League (IFL) has opened its 2014 season. Our local Colorado Ice, a team that plays at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, had their first home game against the Sioux Falls Storm. The Storm was the […]



What We Have Been Missing

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Melanie Martinez has traveled far from her days on The Voice musically. Following coaches advice, she performed sweet songs with a bit of an edge. Now on her own, and unrestrained, she has crossed that edge and is standing well within a darker realm, a place where too few artists fear to tread. With radio […]


A Beautiful Thing

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Leihoku is a beautiful musician. I don’t say that just because she is a very pretty person (which she is.) There are lots of pretty artists out there. I don’t say that because she has an amazing sweet voice (which she does.) There are a lot of artists with good voices. I say it more […]

Sarah Calonna paper

Life as I Blow It

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Are you ready for some laughs? Then you’re in for a treat. Sarah Calonna live at the Denver Comedy Works (Aug. 23 – 25) was a show I’ll never forget. She is magnificent whether delivering one liners or telling stories. Sarah was in peak form from the moment she hit the stage. This was her […]



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